Perspectives on Planning

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Summer 2021

  • Celebrating the heritage society
  • Donor Stories
  • What legacy will you leave?

Spring 2018: Why You Should Include Lasell University in Your Will 

  • Ann Sterner Tyler ’68
  • How will the new tax law affect you and your charitable giving?
  • Why You Should Include Lasell University in Your Will

Fall 2017: A Family Friendly Way to Make a Gift

  • Katie McDonough Ryan ’67, P ’03
  • Tax-Free Giving with an IRA Rollover
  • A Family Friendly Way to Make a Gift

Spring 2017: Giving to Increase Income

  • The Popular Gift Annuity: Simple and Safe
  • Increasing Spendable Cash
  • Lasell Launches New Planned Giving Website

Fall 2016: How You Can Help Your Loved Ones and Lasell University by Blending Gifts

  • Combining Gifts to Meet Your Family’s Needs
  • What Are Your Financial and Charitable Priorities?
  • Creating a Future Endowment Now
  • Providing for Children in a Tax-Efficient Way

Spring 2016: Is Your Estate Plan Up to Date? 11 Easy Questions to Find Out

  • Start Your Review by Answering our List of Questions
  • Is Your Estate Plan Complete?
  • Will Your Family Members Pay Tax on Their Inheritances?
  • Lasell University Heritage Society: A Way to Say Thank You

Fall 2015: Choose the Right Type of Gift that Will Pay You Income in Return

  • The Return on Your CDs Is Low: How You Can Increase Your Reliable Income
  • Increasing Income While Easing Into Retirement
  • A Plan That Will Make You Flip: Supplementing Future Retirement Income

Spring 2015: Tax-Savvy Gift Strategies

  • Hedge Your Bets with Gifts of Appreciated Stock
  • Sell Those Losers Before Giving
  • Endow Your Lasell Fund Gift: Leave a Permanent Legacy